Unlock an entirely new betting demographic for sportsbooks.

Bet-on-Yourself provides the infrastructure for casual and hardcore gamers to wager on their favourite games.

Why Bet-on-Yourself?

Bet-on-yourself is a massively scalable data, pricing, and risk management service that blurs the lines between sports betting and gaming. Although a real-money game of skill product, our free-to-play option can be used to attract new demographics to your real money betting.


  • Boosted turnover
  • High margin
  • Widest range of player based markets

Pre-match turnover

Margin achieved

Bets placed on matches offered

Cross-platform Betting

Works on cross-platform gameplay, including PC, Xbox, and Playstation. This means players on your platform can place bets 24/7 regardless of their gaming platform.

Bet On In-game Objectives

Offer betting on yourself for select objectives, rather than just winning. It’s hard to win in Fortnite, so perhaps placing in the top 10 is a bit more realistic.

AI Pricing And Risk Management

Hyper-optimised risk management and pricing models that adapt as players play more matches, to offer the best odds possible.

Integrates With The Biggest Games

  • Fortnite currently accounts for 90% of bets

  • 3 markets across solo, duos, squads game modes

  • 3 gaming platforms

  • 120 markets
  • Warzone currently accounts for 10% of bets

  • 3 markets across solo, duos, trios, and quads game modes

  • 3 gaming platforms

  • 120 markets

Coming Soon

  • League of Legends

  • Dota 2

  • Valorant