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Power your esports betting offering with the best and most reliable data feeds in the market.

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Match Scheduling & Bet Settlements

Automated match scheduling not only saves costs, but also eliminates human error and increases the speed of upcoming esports fixtures listed on the website.

We deliver everything needed from scheduled start times to rosters, line-ups and competition names for all esports fixtures in our data feed.

Automating bet settlements with our data lowers turn-around time, improving customer satisfaction and allowing them to reinvest winnings quicker.

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Player Age Service

Stay compliant with the latest betting rules that penalise bookmakers featuring odds on on matches where either team has a majority of players under 18.

Access comprehensive and up-to-date information about players, including their age at the time of each match, through our API, or subscribe to our Player Age Report, to receive daily overviews of matches with player ages of competing teams through email, API or Slack.

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Live Esports Scoreboards

Engaging your audience is a key factor to increase revenue. Every second that you keep a customer entertained on your site increases the value of that customer. The longer they stay, the more they bet.

Our live esports scoreboard is a widget that brings both a live stream and in-game statistics from esports fixtures. This allows users to watch matches directly on your page, ensuring that they stay engaged and keep betting on your page, for the full duration of a match.

With live play-by-play statistics and live streams, it has never been easier to engage your esports audience.

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High Data Integrity

We know how critical reliable data is to an online bookmaker. 

Our esports data feed is analysed and filtered for any bad or inconsistent data before being passed on to our customers to ensure it is of the highest quality possible.

With such a high degree of trustworthiness, our Esports API can be utilised in critical business applications such as market creation, odds modelling and bet settlement.

high data integrity

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Get the Most out of Esports as a Bookmaker

Are you fulfilling your full potential in esports or could your current offering be improved? 

Let us help you find the answer with a free analysis of your esports betting website! 

If you have any questions about our analysis, or if you need help to get engaged in esports, feel free to contact us.

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