Esports Data for Fantasy Sports

GameScorekeeper will soon launch a data platform for fantasy sports  across the globe.

Coming Soon...

We are in development to launch esports data 
catered to fantasy sports.

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Player Stats &
Match Schedules

We are working on expanding the number of pre-game player statistics to power fantasy sports applications.  

We already include match scheduling in our esports API to let you create an automated setup to schedule esports matches.

Play-by-Play Stats &
Live Scores

We are improving our existing live play-by-play statistics to access all relevant data points. 

We already support live scores in our esports API.


Team Stats &
Post Match Scores

We are improving our current team statistics to make them relevant to fantasy sports applications.

We currently include post-match scores for all three esports titles across more than 30.000 esports matches every year.

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