Esports Media Solutions

Engage your audience with esports results, live scores, and content. No matter the size of your company or audience, we have the esports content you need to drive your business forward. 

Live Scores, Results and Upcoming Matches

Give esports fans what they want. Show results and stats from the most popular esports leagues and tournaments from the three largest esports game titles in the world.

With GameScorekeeper’s live score widget, it is possible to embed
live scores, results, and upcoming matches directly on your website or application. the widget is fully customisable and easy to embed, and it will keep your esports audience engaged before, during, and after every game. 

Keep your esports fans updated with GameScorekeeper’s media solution. 

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Esports Scoreboards &
Live Streams

We track all in-game events allowing us to deliver esports content packed with live results and stats to boost the engagement of your site or app.

We also provide streams to all the matches we cover. By embedding streams directly on your website, your audience can watch all the relevant esports matches they want, without ever leaving your site.

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Cover Everything

We track and capture data from all major and minor leagues and tournaments in LoL, CS: GO, Dota 2, VALORANT, Honor of Kings, Arena of Valor and Overawatch. 

We cover more than 100,000 esports matches per year across these seven esports titles.

Access everything instantly via our media solutions or through our esports API.

With an extensive coverage for these major titles, we’ve got you covered.

Esports Content

The right esports content will give you the opportunity to increase paid subscriptions and appeal to new advertisers who target esports fans, a demographic that is both high-earning and hard to reach through conventional marketing.

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Want to Reach a New Audience or Improve Your Current Esports Content?

The Esports Audience –
Young, Growing, and High-Earning

The esports audience is showing double-digit growth figures in both Europe, America, and Asia, and today esports has a viewership of almost 500 million people. Although esports attracts a young audience, 73% is over 20 years old. In fact, the vast majority (54%) of the esports audience is between 21-35 years old and has high spending power.

Chart of the esports audience's spending power
“Esports entertains a young and desirable demographic [that is] increasingly difficult to reach through traditional advertising as they spend less time watching TV, listening to the radio and reading printed media”
newzoo esports market analyst
Market Analyst Company

Esports is Getting Mainstream

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