Historical data

Historical Data

Access a treasure trove of detailed historical data in GameScorekeeper’s Esports API.

Calculate odds, analyse player and team performances or create sophisticated prediction models based on finegrained event-by-event. The data is ready for you to explore and re the possibilities are endless.

Match and Season Data

Gain access to everything from match results to team and player stats across time.

GameScorekeeper covers the most important titles in esports, and we collect historic data from more than 1,175 tournaments and more than 30,000 matches every year, meaning that you will all the data you need here. 

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Event-by-event Data

GameScorekeeper saves every event recorded of every match, and this can be retrieved later for analysis, odds calculation or visualisation of the match as it happened.

GameScorekeeper has the most reliable historic event-by-event esports data on the market, which makes it perfect for any modelling or analysis that requires integrity data

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