Live data

Live data

Build your project, startup or business with fast and high-integrity live esports data.  

Let us focus on capturing, analysing and delivering high quality data, so you can focus on building your business.



Get it fast. Get it now.

Based on our proprietary data-capturing systems, the information is in your hands when you need it. 

Use our livedata for setting accurate odds, settling bets or points in a fantasy game on specific matches and boost your revenue. 


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Individual Player Kills, Bomb Events, You name it

Using our proprietary esports data-capturing software, we guarantee faster data with a larger number of data points compared to using simple scouting services. 

Whether you want data about K/D ratios, number of headshots, round winners or number of kills by specific players, towers destroyed or dragons killed, everything can be accessed through GameScorekeeper’s API.

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Advanced Data Capturing

Because we use our own proprietary data-capturing software we are able to have the fastest and most reliable data on the market. Our esports data is characterized by accuracy and has hundreds of datapoints.

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