Pre-match Scoreboard

Pre-match Scoreboard

Capture the excitement and drama of esports teams rivalries with detailed statistics of their past performance – all the information your users want to see in one place. 



Utilize the big rivalries

For every single esports match there’s a thrilling drama to be told.

A story of two competing teams each with their own individual history that has paved the way to this specific encounter. Sometimes there’s also a shared history between the team, or even better, a rivalry.

At other times, it’s the story of David and Goliath, the incumbent versus the challenger or the story of the dark horse rising.

With detailed in-game statistics on key performance metrics, our Pre-match Scoreboard can create new markets to be bet on, giving the punter the confidence, and you the opportunity to increase betting volumes.

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Team form and statistics

Show the history, ignite the drama and keep your audience informed and engaged with our Pre-matchup Scoreboard which displays all the relevant statistics and information about the teams competing in a match.

Our Pre-match Scoreboard shows the most recent performance and statistics for each team, complete with win & losses, best players and performance metrics.

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Who doesn’t love rivalries?

Our Pre-match Scoreboard gives an overview of the most recent history between the teams with a list of results of their most recent matches against each other.

The current form of a team tells a lot about a potential outcome of a match. By combining historical data, the viewer will gain the insight to make a well-considered bet based on factual statistics.

Embedding GameScorekeepers esports scoreboards into your website or application is quick and straightforward. All you have to do is integrate an iframe to your source code.

Giving the esports audience the information they crave, has never been easier!

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Responsive & Flexible

No matter the size of the device or the available space on your website or app, Our Pre-match Scoreboard will resize accordingly to the most optimal position.

Our widget framework allows us to easily modify the color and fonts to match the design of your website.

We are always open to design tweaks to make the user experience seamless in your betting, fantasy or media environment. 

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