Automated Scheduling and Resulting

Save costs, eliminate human errors and increase match coverage. 

With automated match scheduling and resulting from GameScorekeeper, you’re able to cover an extensive range of matches, from the most important majors to the smallest local tournaments in esports.

Stay Updated

Stay updated no matter what using GameScorekeeper’s API.

Know when a match is rescheduled or if a team changes its line-up before a match, and ensure that your information and match schedules are up to date and reliable at all times.

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Increase Match Coverage

With automated scheduling and resulting from GameScorekeeper, you are able to cover every major and minor league and tournament in LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, VALORANT, Honor of Kings and Arena of Valor. 

With coverage of more than 50,000 esports matches and over 4,000 leagues and tournaments, you are able to schedule matches and access team stats and post-match scores, for every relevant match in esports.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

The esports audience is interested in stats, results, live scores and information about upcoming matches.

With automated scheduling and resulting you can make sure that they find what they are looking for on your website.

Displaying the right content will boost revenue as it keeps your costumers engaged on your website before, during, and after every esports match, and ensure that they keep coming back to your website.

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Eliminate Work Hours & Avoid Human Errors

Automated scheduling and resulting, will help you save costs!

GameScorekeeper works with a number of industry leaders, who have been able to eliminate work hours and avoid human errors, by using our data to automate scheduling and resulting.

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Marc Burroughes

Marc Burroughes