Esports Bet Builder

The very first Bet Builder product in esports. 

Grow your esports revenues, maximise profits and offer your customers a better experience.

Increase turnover

Bet Builder products have been a massive success for traditional sportsbooks and now the first esports Bet Builder is available to further enhance your esports offering. 

Bet Builder products offer a low risk, high profit margin solution while delivering a unique and fun betting experience to your punters. 

Surveys show that 40% of esport fans follow players more than teams – our Bet Builder offers unique player markets to bet on.

Bet Builder markets automatically accounts for correlated outcomes, providing secure prices for any combination of 350+ outcomes in a single esports match. 

With an increase on pre-match betting volume by circa 20%, our Bet Builder has proven to be a key feature to drive higher turnover and profitability.

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Combine outcomes to create unlimited betting markets

The success of Bet Builder products in growing esports turnover is driven from the unique experience it offers your punters.  It gives your users the freedom to choose and customise their bets according to their personal favourite teams, players or betting market. 

Bet Builder allows you to create unique markets in a matter of seconds. Whether it is the punters own combination of selected pre-match markets, or your trading-team uses it for internal market-settlement for “pre-rolled” markets – Bet Builder offers interesting alternatives.

No integration is required to manually build pre-rolled markets, so why not get started and create unique markets today!

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Access a rapidly growing number of esport titles

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Main markets
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20+ matches per day

53 % esports handle 

18+ matches per day

7 % esports handle

10+ matches per day

35 % esports handle 

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