Esport odds solutions

Providing esports odds solutions for global sportsbooks.

Pre-match odds

Combining GameScorekeepers data-api with Sportsflares AI odds solution, you can expect the largest coverage in the industry.

Increase your turnover with +300 pre-match markets for the most popular esports titles.

What to expect?

  • Curtail risk with market monitoring 
  • Strongest player-proposition offering on the market
  • Using next-generation Artificial Intelligence to ensure no human errors
  • Trader dashboard with trader controls

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In-play odds

Create the best betting experience with a wide choice of markets, appealing to millennial and Gen-Z bettors.  

  • +350 in-play live markets generated in 100ms
  • Unique micro-markets (e.g. round-level, next kill, destroyed tower etc)
  • Using official real-time data to secure highest speed as possible
  • Trader dashboard with trader controls
  • An easy integration through our proven and trusted API
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Our team combines expertise in machine learning academia and industry, software, finance, and esports betting, uniquely postioning us to  enter and thrive in this market, so you can run your sportsbook efficient. Our technology is built on three benchmarks:

1. Historical databases

Massive databases containing every in-game event, match metadata, and bookmakers odds unables us to create, optimise and back-test our markets.

2. Data science PhD’s

Our team of top-calibre machine learning and AI researchers develop advanced algorihtms to accurately price new esports markets

3. Market monitoring

We continually monitor leading operators to optimise our odds, ensuring no arbitrage and providing risk management where possible to your sportsbook

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Outcomes / Fixture

20+ matches per day

53 % esports handle 

20+ matches per day

53 % esports handle 

20+ matches per day

53 % esports handle 

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