Live Esports Scoreboard

GameScorekeeper’s Live Esports Scoreboard allows you to display streams and engaging stats directly on your site. 

Make sure that your audience stays engaged and updated at all times. 

Match Streams and Detailed Player Stats

Boost revenue by supplementing your esports content or betting product with match streams and detailed match and player statistics through a scoreboard

GameScorekeeper’s Live Esports Scoreboard will keep your audience engaged for the full duration of the match and ensure that they keep coming back to your website.

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Customisable and Easily Embedded

With GameScorekeeper’s Live Scoreboard you are able to deliver engaging visual esports content the way you want.

Our Live Esports Scoreboard is responsive, easily integrated to your website or application, and gives you full control over how your live statistics are displayed.

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Easy implementation
GameScorekeeper using Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Keep Your Audince Engaged & Updated

Using proprietary data-capturing software, we are able to have the fastest and most reliable esports data on the market, which ensures that the live play-by-play statistics in our Live Esports Scoreboard are accurate and up to date at all times.

Make sure that your audience stays updated and engaged with GameScorekeeper’s Live Esports Scoreboard. 

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