Esports Live Score Widget

Why have a Live Score Widget?

Because esports fans wants to stay updated.

Make sure you can give them what they want with GameScorekeeper’s Live Score Widget.

GameScorekeeper's media solution

Boost Revenue

The esports audience wants engaging content and updated information about upcoming, live, and finished matches. 

GameScorekeeper’s Esports Live Score Widget makes it easy to integrate excactly what attracts esports audience, directly on your website or application.

This gives you the opportunity to increase paid subscriptions and appeal to new advertisers who target esports fans – a demographic that is both high-earning and hard to reach through conventional marketing.

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Fully Customisable

With GameScorekeeper’s esports live score widget, you have full control over how live scores and match schedules are displayed on your website.

As every website uses very specific styling, we designed our widget so it is possible for you change everything everything from sizes and boarders to element colors, icon colors, font families, font weights and font colors.

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GameScorekeeper's contet solution for media - Macbook and iphone
easy implementation

Easy Integration

Our embeddable esports live score widget is easily integrated into your website or application. All you have to do to get scoreboards on your website is to integrate an iframe to you source code.

Giving the esports audience the information they crave, has never been easier!

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Increase Your Esports Coverage

Increase coverage and make sure that you never miss out on any esports matches.

Every year GameScorekeeper covers more than 30,000 esports matches across the three titles, and we track and capture data from all major and minor leagues and tournaments in LoL, CS: GO and DOTA 2.

GameScorekeeper covers CS: GO, Dota2, and League og Legends

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Marc Burroughes

Marc Burroughes