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GameScorekeeper Esports Solutions

At GameScorekeeper, we believe esports should be more accessible. We believe in a more valuable space where the needs of the sports audience and business owners are met.

We are passionate about esports, and our mission is to help our customers build successful esports businesses and achieve greater engagement with the esports audience.

Our Esports Game Coverage

With data coverage on League of Legends, CS:GO and DOTA 2 we provide data on the three biggest games in esports, that account for 90-95% of of all revenue in esports.

LoL Tournaments and Leagues

From Regional Leagues to  World Championship 

10,500 matches per year

300+ data points per match

2,200+ teams

2,800+ players

CS:GO Tournaments and Leagues

We cover everything from  Premier Events, Majors, Minors down to semi-professional and amateur competitions.

8,000+ matches per year

350+ data points per match

2,600+ teams

8,300+ players

DOTA 2 Tournaments and Leagues

All leagues from The International to Galaxy Battles.

6,250 matches per year

250+ data points per match

2,000+ teams

1,100+ players

Arena of Valor tournaments

We cover the biggest tournaments like  World Cup, King Pro Cup,  minor leagues like RoV Pro, Garena Challenger and a lot more.

3900+ fixtures per year

100+ teams

498 tournaments

1,000+ players

VALORANT tournaments

We cover  Challengers, Masters & Champions

Regional leagues like RVP & First strike

300+ fixtures per year

200+ teams

24 tournaments

1,000+ players

Honor of Kings tournaments

We cover  The World Champions cup, Qualifiers, Challenger cups as well as minor regional leagues. 

1100+ fixtures per year

100+ teams

114 tournaments

1,000+ players

Our Clients

“This deal with GameScorekeeper will enhance our product even further and solidify our position as the leader in esports betting”

Pinnacle's Trading Director, Marco Blume
Marco Blume
Trading Director, Pinnacle

“We have chosen GameScoreKeeper because of their structured and fast API added with their understanding of our business and the esports market”

eManagers founder and CEO, Rasmus Madsen
Rasmus Madsen
CEO and founder, eManager

“In general, it is nice to work with GameScorekeeper. Their API has all the data points we need, it doesn’t go down, and we never miss any games”

Maksymilian-Polaczuk - SportsFlare's CEO
Maksymilian Polaczuk
Chief Executive Officer, Sportsflare

“GameScorekeeper’s esports data is the foundation that eGamers is built on. The breadth of their data and their team’s flexibility are crucial for our business”

eGamers logo
Sebastian Benjamin Dietz
Project Manager, eGamers

Why choose GameScorekeeper?

Rich data

We specialise in collecting an enormous amount of esports data points to help you run your business effectively and offer your esports audience a thrilling experience.

Fast Speeds

Using Amazon Web Services' fastest servers, we are able to deliver results and data reliably and at the fastest possible speeds. From an event taking place, our data is usually delivered instantly or within a few seconds.


You can trust GameScorekeepers platform to deliver the data you need without interruption, and we take pride in delivering only the best quality data via the most advanced technology.

High integrity

GameScorekeeper's automated data platform continually monitors and collects data from a wide range of online sources. Data is cross-checked when possible between sources and across time to ensure the highest possible data integrity.


We are an esports solutions provider, we understand your needs are varied which is why we will work closely with you to tailor our products to meet your business drivers.

Easy to implement

Our Esports Data API was built to be easy to implement into your system. It is as simple as logging in and the data will be available in a format designed for a quick integration using common frameworks backed up with thorough API documentation and extensive support.

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