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Build your project, startup or business with fast, high-integrity esports data. We focus on capturing, analysing and delivering the best esports data to allow you to focus on building your business.

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Advanced Data Capturing

We employ proprietary data-capturing software including computer vision and machine learning to get data as fast and reliably as possible.

Circumventing the buffer time in live streams that otherwise is used to ensure smooth video streaming, our esports data is up to 15 seconds faster than what the online esports audience is viewing.

3 Game Titles.
30,000+ Matches per year.

With Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Dota 2 we deliver esports data covering more than 85% of the total esports viewership.  We cover more than 1,175 tournaments and more than 30,000 matches every year.  Every few weeks we roll out coverage on new leagues and tournaments to bring a cutting edge product to our customers.

Individual player kills, bomb events, you name it

Using our proprietary esports data-capturing software, we guarantee faster data with a larger number of data points compared to using simple scouting services.

All The Data You Need.
Just Faster.

Using our optimsed capturing algorithms on Amazons fastest web servers is results in lightning-fast feeds.

Our live esports data is delivered within milliseconds.


Match Scheduling & Historic Data

Connecting to GameScorekeepers Esports API lets you set up automated match scheduling. It will not only save you time but improve the speed in which they are accessible on your site.

Historic esports data such on team stats, map winners, and post-match results are ready at your fingertips.

The Esports Audience

"As a consumer phenomenon, esports continues to grow its huge base of passionate fans across the globe. As a business, esports is now entering a new and critical phase toward maturity."
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