The story about GameScorekeeper

We know esports data. In fact, collecting, analysing and distributing it is all we do.

The esports landscape

Esports has quickly grown wildly popular across the globe and is creating networks of players who come together for a shared ambition within gaming. But still today, it does not have the same credibility as regular sports.
In football, fans can compare player stats and make predictions about from result from a various providers of nuanced and diverse data. These statistics gives the sport disciplines transparency and an added dimension for fans to interact around. Where would the discussion around Ronaldo versus Messi be, without all the stats about trophies won, goals scored and assists made? How would Fantasy managers know which players to pick if they weren’t able to compare running yards?

But unlike professional sports such as football, so far in esports, the statistics have been missing. 
GameScorekeeper is set out to change this.

Our beginnings

In 2015, as both esports viewership and the number of competitions rose rapidly, there was an increasing need to get both an overview of the myriad of tournaments as well deeper insights into the into the mechanics of the esports matches. This required quality data in great quantities but – ironically – despite esports being purely digital, very few data sources existed.

GameScorekeeper was founded in early 2016 to bring esports data to all applications of the esports world – whether it be mobile live scores, match analysis or online betting.

Finally, esports fans can discuss whether the best player in the world is Kjaerbye or Karrigan and the sport as a whole can rise to a new level of credibility.

What we believe

At GameScorekeeper, we believe esports should be more accessible. We believe in a more valuable space where the needs of the esport audience are met and where they can engage with result overviews, player statistics and team performances. We are passionate about it, and our mission is to help our customers achieve greater engagement with the esport audience. We focus on delivering reliable and fast esport data. We see a great opportunity to help our customers engage with their audience who love detailed esports statistics.

Our tech – The Esports API

GameScorekeeper specialises in capturing, analysing and delivering real-time esports data using our proprietary software and systems. We employ a multitude of advanced technologies including machine learning and computer vision to capture data from games fast and reliably. The collected data can be accessed used through our Esports API