Esports Betting

GameScorekeeper has extensive experience supplying esports solutions to leading organisations in the betting industry. The following range of products are designed to tailor your Sportsbook to meet the expectations of the esports fans with the ultimate aim of enhancing the experience and driving incremental revenues.


Betting Data

We know how critical reliable data is to an online bookmaker. Our esports data feed is analysed and filtered for any incorrect or inconsistent data before being passed on to our customers to ensure it is of the highest quality possible.

With such a high degree of trustworthiness, our Esports API can be utilised in critical business applications such as market creation, odds modelling and bet settlement.

What to Expect?

Esports Widgets

Powered by our esports data API, GameScorekeeper’s esports widget framework makes it quick and easy to integrate a range of customisable esports scoreboards directly into your Sportsbook.

Designed so the player can easily navigate between placing their bets and browse through multiple tabs of detailed live and historical statistics of the match in-play. Update your esports offering to deliver the data esports expect to see while making a betting decision.

What to Expect?

Esports Websites

Powered by GameScorekeeper’s fast and rich Data API, we deliver next generation esports statistical websites designed for the modern esports audience.

The modular design allows full flexibility so our websites can either operate as a powerful affiliate tool or can be integrated into your esports betting front-end, creating a truly entertaining experience, where fans can immerse themselves in a dedicated esports space with like minded people.

What to Expect?


A number of countries have put in place regulations that penalise bookmakers for offering markets on matches where a majority of the players are under 18 – more countries are expected to follow suit.

With GameScorekeeper’s Player Age Service, you will automatically receive daily match overviews of players’ ages. This will not only help you identify matches that are unsafe to offer bets on, but also help you free up work hours.

What to Expect?

How Pinnacle Increased Their Esports Coverage and Saved Time

In 2010 Pinnacle became the first betting operators to accept an esports bet. Today, esports is one of their biggest markets.

Learn more about Pinnacle and how GameScorekeeper’s data improves their esports offering.

Find out more how we can help you grow your esports business.