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Build your project, startup or business with fast and high-integrity esports data.  Let us focus on capturing, analysing and delivering high quality data, so you can focus on building your business.

3 Game Titles.
30,000+ Matches Per Year.

By collecting data from every CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota2 match, we cover the three biggest esports titles, that account for 90-95% of revenue in esports. Every year, we cover more than 1,175 tournaments and more than 30,000 matches, and we roll out coverage on new leagues and tournaments every months. We are happy to add new game-titles on request, to bring cutting edge products to our customers.

With our esports API, your audience is guaranteed never to miss out on any relevant match. 

GameScorekeeper's monthly match coverage

Individual Player Kills, Bomb Events, You Name It

Using our proprietary esports data-capturing software, we guarantee faster data with a larger number of data points compared to using simple scouting services.

Whether you want data about K/D ratios, number of headshots, round winners or number of kills by specific players, everything can be accessed through GameScorekeeper’s API.

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Innovative Esports Products

By collecting, analyzing, and delivering the fastest and most reliable esports data on the market, we are able to innovate, build, and launch new esports products that bring value to our customers within the esports betting industry. Learn from our cases here

We love discussing new and exciting use cases and features with our customers and explore how we can help them get the most out of esports and our esports data. Support and flexibility are key to GameScorekeeper, and what enable us to stay relevant for our customers and keep up with an esports market that continues to evolve constantly.

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Gamescorekeeper's API
GameScorekeeper using Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Advanced Data Capturing

Because we use our own proprietary data-capturing software we are able to have the fastest and most reliable data on the market. Our esports data is characterized by accuracy and has hundreds of datapoints.

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