Esports Industry

How to cross-sell to existing traditional sports customers

As esports continues to thrive all over the world, traditional bookmakers are increasingly tempted to extend their offering to capture the millions of young adults tuning in. In doing so, sportsbooks may begin to capture a new audience. But how can they adapt their offerings to also attract attention from their typical traditional sports customers? …

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An Intro To The Esports Bettor

Does the esports industry really have the audience to support my esports betting product? It’s a fair question for any betting company to ask.  Esports is still, in the grand scheme of things, a new prospect. It doesn’t have a particularly established history and really has only just begun to erupt among audiences around the …

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Addressing Bookmakers’ Concerns About Esports

With the rapid surge in esports popularity over the last decade, esports has proven to be a sound investment for a lot of bookmakers. Still, bookmakers often express doubts about the viability of fully venturing into the esports market. In this article, we address some of the concerns we hear from bookmakers and provide some suggestions on how to best approach esports as a bookmaker.